HONOLULU - We're officially in the holding period for the Eddie surf contest.

Now the world waits to see when surf will be big enough to run it, since waves have to be consistently 20 feet. 

This year, history was made as the contest invited its first female contestant -- and not as an alternate. 

Kaua'i native Keala Kennelly is on the list of 28 surfers. She was handpicked by Clyde Aikau, brother of Eddie Aikau, who is the contest's namesake. 

"What was tremendous about her, for me to pick her, is that she got hurt at a spot called Teahupo'o. She smashed her face in and had about 50 stitches. She healed herself and went back in the water," said Aikau.

Teahupo'o is in Tahiti and is notoriously dangerous -- but Kennelly is the first woman known to have surfed it.

The window for the Eddie to run started Saturday and ends on February 28th.