Out of a coma, 22 year old Aaron Salazar is finally speaking out, saying don't believe everything you hear. 

"I want you all to know, I did not jump off the train. I would never ever try to kill myself," Salazar said. 

Back in May, the Kaiser High School graduate was found on the side of the railroad tracks in Truckee, California. Unconscious with burns to his lower body.

When the initial investigation rolled-out, Amtrak officials claimed "attempted suicide".

Family members are relieved to hear what they believed all along.

“Since the very beginning when he didn’t speak, when they came out and said that it was attempted suicide. Absolutely did not believe that. You know, we’re a very close knit family and we were very close and we know he didn’t do this,” Sonia Trujillo, Aaron Salazar’s cousin, said.

Amtrak released this statement on Friday, saying:
“We are glad Aaron is improving and look forward to talking with him and any other witnesses as part of the investigation.”

Still, the family wants answers.

"What we’re concerned about is they haven’t even spoke to any of the family members. They didn’t talk to any of the family members before they said that it was an attempted suicide. They need to investigate this because I don’t believe they tried to investigate this," Trujillo said. 

For now, Salazar is recovering in Denver, Colorado.

Even though Trujillo says he doesn't remember anything from that day, she hopes time will help.