After winning his re-election, Governor David Ige is set to be sworn in for his second term Monday.

This year, the governor chose to have his inauguration at the Rotunda at the State Capitol, a place he feels represents his work.

Ige will start his last four year term as governor with a new partner on the fifth floor of the State Capitol: Lt. Governor elect Josh Green. 

“We have to take our values, our core values in Hawaii. The values of ohana, the value of aloha and incorporate that into our policy," Green said. 

Green, who worked with Ige as a state senator, has been preparing for his new role for months and is ready to take on challenges on a bigger scale. 

“People should be hopeful for us in Hawaii so there are big challenges, we're up to it. I'm excited to be working on it with this team and the people out there," Green said. 

Across the aisle, Representative Bob McDermott said even Republicans who butted heads with the governor before, now want to work together. 

“Throwing stones isn't going to get us much but if we can collaborate and offer good ideas, I think that's the path forward to success," McDermott said.  

There are plenty of ideas both parties agree on.

"He's trying to cool schools, that's what I want to do. He's trying to help people buy homes, that's what we want to do," McDermott said. 

During this election season, Ige said he would focus on  improving public education and affordable housing. It remains to be seen just how much he gets accomplished during his final four years in office.

The public is invited to the inauguration. The program starts at 10:30 a.m.