Kyle Blaine, CNN - In the three weeks since Election Day, the Democratic majority in the House has continued to grow, positioning the party to potentially net 40 seats when all is said and done.

In fact, even with many votes still to be counted, Democrats won the House by at least 8.9 million votes -- the largest margin ever in a midterm election.

As it stands, Democrats have a net gain of 38 House seats. According to CNN projections, Democrats will hold 233 seats in the House and Republicans will hold 200.

But there are still two undecided races, and the Democratic candidate currently leads in both.

Here's a closer look at those races:

California's 21st Congressional District

Democrat TJ Cox on Monday night pulled ahead of Republican Rep. David Valadao in this Central Valley district.

This is one of the 25 GOP-held congressional districts that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

CNN had previously projected the race for Valadao, as had other national news outlets. Vote reports after election night tightened the margin significantly, and the latest update from Kern County put Cox, a businessman, in the lead by just over 400 votes. CNN has now withdrawn its projection in the race.

Votes are still being counted in the district.

New Mexico's 2nd Congressional District

Democrat Xochitl Torres Small currently leads Republican Yvette Herrell in this district currently represented by retiring GOP Rep. Steve Pearce.

Herrell claimed victory on election night, but as ballots continued to be counted, Torres Small took a lead in the vote count. Herrell has not conceded the race.

The New Mexico secretary of state is expected to certify the unofficial election results on Tuesday.

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