Family and friends call her Glady. Others refer to her as Gladyator.

"One time walking through the airport lobby, somebody yells Gladyator!" she said. 

But whatever you call her, don't call Gladys Burrill old. 

"No! It would make me feel like I was dying. Sorry!" Burrill said. 

At 100 years young, she is on top of the world. 

"It's just unbelievable. it's so wonderful," Burrill said. 

Keeping up with her health has been key but more so believing age is just a number. 

"I never really thought much about my age because I had climbed mountains and all kinds of exercise," Burrill said. 

Climbing mountains, hiking deserts, even flying planes and that's not all. In 2004, Burrill went on to add Honolulu marathoner to the list at 86-years old.

"I just got hooked on it and kept going, and I had friends with me," Burrill said. 

For her first race: family waiting for her at the finish line. She says running has always been something she enjoyed since childhood. 

"Women never wore pants, they wore dresses all the time... So you can imagine me running in a dress, with boys shoes clear up to my knees. Didn't have Adidas," Burrill said. 

Despite a bout of polio when she as a young girl, she never let that stop her from finishing seven marathons. 

"My right leg is a little bit shorter and so I step just a little bit higher," Burrill explained. 

Her last one was back in 2010 when she set a world record. 

"I had no thought about making the Guinness book. It was just so exciting to me," Burrill said. 

But these days, the Gladyator is in no hurry to lace up her running shoes. 

When asked if she'll be doing the marathon this year? 

"I had a number of people ask me that. Course it's a temptation, but 26 miles is a long way with my walking stick," Burrill said. 

Instead of being spotted on the race course, she's happy supporting from the sidelines.