Through the generous donations from the people of Hawaii, close to 800 families were helped through the Adopt A Family program last year. 

It starts in an empty warehouse. The people at Helping Hands Hawaii are hoping it will soon be filled with gifts for Hawaii families in need.

"Our whole goal is to try to get the gifts out to the families before Christmas so they have time to open it by Christmas morning," Kristine Garabiles, Helping Hands HI program manager, said.

Families through their case workers submit requests of what they need and what they want for Christmas.

"The need is always there. A lot of the participants that are applying this year are going through some poverty challenges. Some of them are probably escaping or recovering from domestic violence situations. Some of them are having illnesses. It's a wide range of type of folks that start coming through asking for help this holiday season," Garabiles said. 

They are always looking for donations of toys, educational games and sports equipment.

"A lot of the families who are single parent households, a lot ask for household supplies so it could be like cleaning supplies, towels, linens, also gift cards for groceries. A lot of times, it's hard for them to purchase food for their family," Garabiles said. 

Gift cards are always appreciated, they make it easy for the families to pick out what they want and in the case of clothing and shoes, the sizes they need.

More than 750 families have reached out for help this year. 

Starting Monday and throughout the week on KITV4 Island News at 6, we'll introduce you to a family in need and tell you how you can adopt them.