Day 46 of the state's longest hotel-industry strike in nearly 50 years. Some workers who walked-off the job gave thanks for a holiday off.

"We do work every holiday in the hotel industry, like you never get those days off so this is kind of nice because you get to spend the day with our ohana, our work ohana. Enjoying each other instead of just working together and then we get to go home and spend some time with our families as well," Jenny Johnson, a Sheraton Waikiki cook, said. 

Marriott hotel workers putting down the picketing signs and picking up Thanksgiving lunch in Waikiki.

More than 2,700 hotel workers remain off the job in pursuit of better wages. Some telling KITV4 they're grateful to not have to work on Thanksgiving.

"We having fun doing our Happy Thanksgiving so we doing for what good for us. It's good for us so it's okay we still strong," Geraldine Acoba, a Sheraton Waikiki housekeeper, said. 

Unite Here Local 5 represents the picketing hotel workers. The union says progress towards new contracts have been made.

"No giving up until we get what's fair to us," Acoba said. 

At least five of six departments contracts including bell, valet and front desk have been settled. The union says housekeeping terms are still on the table along with wages across all departments. Negotiations are scheduled to resume on Monday.

"We closed last Friday by giving them a counter offer and instead of giving us a counteroffer, they got up and walked out so hopefully we are looking forward to seeing them Monday and hopefully they can come forward with something. That is what we need and we can settle this and go back to work," Johnson said.