School has been in session here for months at the Hanalei Colony Resort, where hotel rooms serve as classrooms for about two dozen students.

But the satellite campus could close down come next month, which makes parents like Jessica Drake nervous. She says the school's location is convenient as her family continues to pick up the pieces after April's destructive rains. 

"We flooded really high to be honest we flooded over 20 times in our home this year, "parent Jessica Drake said. "Just to have the support, just to have that education right here the teachers are working so hard just to make everything okay so we can be here." 

Parents are hopeful the school will remain open until the end of the school year. 

Extensive repairs continue along Kuhio Highway, making daily convoys the only driving option for residents.

Drake's twin girls originally attended Hanalei Elementary, but she says the convoy's rigid schedule became too stressful.  

"I go to pick up my girls I'm like run, run thank you teacher. Run my girls out of there it's so sad they're crying I don't know what's going on we're like convoy and we get in the car ok, its just too much," Drake said.

Juliet Akana is pushing for the school to remain open too. According to Akana, knowing her special needs son Kekai isn't far from home brings comfort. 

"I don't have to worry about my son stuck on the bus if a flood happened and that it's happened several times even before April where it's just been so stressful you can hear it in my voice," Akana said.

Akana says her son's excelled at the school at the resort, in everything from art to simple communication. 

"He's talking so much now because it such a small classroom and it's more Ohana," Akana said. "It's just really brought alot out of Kekai."

No word yet if school officials plan to extend the duration of the satellite school.