Daniel Silva Fernandez, Ignacio Grimaldi and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN - A missing Argentine naval submarine has been found, exactly a year and a day after it vanished in the South Atlantic with 44 crew members on board, authorities said Saturday.

An American company contracted by Argentina to locate the missing submarine positively identified the ARA San Juan some 800 meters (875 yards) below the ocean's surface, a tweet from Argentina's navy said.

Hours before the positive identification, the Argentine navy tweeted an image of a point of interest on the seabed, suggesting that a 60-meter long object might be the missing vessel.

Footage showed relatives of the lost submariners grieving in Mar del Plata as they received the news that the submarine had been found.

The ARA San Juan disappeared on November 15 last year off Argentina's coast, about midway on its journey from Ushuaia in the country's south to its northern port of Mar del Plata.

The Argentine navy said in the following days that the vessel's captain had reported a short-circuit in the vessel's battery system shortly before the last known contact.

A sound consistent with an explosion was detected in the ocean near the sub's last known location.

The hunt for the vessel -- which at its height involved 28 ships and nine airplanes from 11 nations, including the United States and United Kingdom -- centered on an area roughly 900 kilometers (559 miles) off the Argentine coast.

The Argentine navy called off its rescue operation about two weeks after the sub's disappearance, saying there was "no chance of survival" for its crew, but search efforts continued.

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