Hawaii's decades-old housing crisis continues to be a top issue for the state.

"Between the years 2015 and 2025, we're going to need 65,000 new housing units just on population growth," Senator Chang said.

Senator Stanley Chang believes his A.L.O.H.A. bill could help achieve that goal, providing affordable, locally-owned homes for all.

"We're looking at a target price of $300,000. We're planning to build towers, at existing state owned lands near rail stations such as aloha stadium, mckinley high school, and we're going to be selling 99 year leases to local people who own no other real property  and who will be owner occupants," Chang said.

Other proposed locations for the homes include Blaisdell center, Leeward Community College, Honolulu Community College, and Puuhale elementary.

"There are a lot of these parcels that currently could be redeveloped and you could put in state of the art brand new vertical elementary, middle, high schools, retail space to serve the residents of these future units," Chang said. 

According to Chang, there won't be an income minimum or cap for qualified applicants. 

"It's for everybody, it's not just for people at the bottom of the income spectrum," Chang said. 

Although Hawaii has the tenth highest median wage nationally, Chang says that living expenses are two-thirds higher than the rest of the nation, with the cost of housing being a major contributing factor. 

"We're hoping to do a 3% down payment which means you move in with just 9,000 dollars. We're told that that can be affordable to even people and families making half of the median income state-wide," Chang said. 

Senator Chang plans to introduce the bill in the upcoming legislative session.