The nightmare November Nor'easter was causing treacherous conditions and emergencies up and down the East Coast.

There have been eight deaths related to the winter weather. 

New York City was paralyzed -- caught off guard by the early season winter storm, which took down trees, and caused a gridlock for hours right at the height of the evening rush. Transportation hubs were filled with thousands of stranded and frustrated passengers.

"They're telling people to find alternate methods, but if you look at an Uber, its $300 to get out," said one traveler.

Roads in the storm zone were barely driveable -- blanketed with several inches of snow.

Video shows a car skidding out of control. Hundreds of accidents were reported in Maryland.

Although the East Coast wasn't the only place travelers were dealing with snow. In St. Louis, cars spun out of control. The bad roads in Arkansas to blame for at least four deaths. At airports, de-icers were working overtime.

The severe weather moving into New England overnight Thursday in Boston -- cars were sliding all the way home.