Walk-in voting registration was a fail for some west side Oahu voters and it wasn't their fault.

Voters hoping to sign-up on Election Day found no forms to fill out. Residents tell KITV4 they didn't have time to wait for more forms to be delivered so the shortage kept them from casting ballots altogether. 

"It's just a shame that when they're finally in tune into what's going on and they got the drive to go and vote they were shut down at the polls. So it's a real turn off to first time voters they feel powerless basically," Joseph Simpliciano, a Waianae Resident, said.

Simpliciano is frustrated polling sites on the Leeward Coast weren't better prepared. Like tens of thousands of others, Simpliciano voted absentee but couldn't believe new resident opting to vote for the first time hit a road block. 

State Representative Cedric Gates says the polling site at Waianae Intermediate School ran out of voter registration forms last Tuesday and some were given the option to go to another site in Makaha only to find out the precinct ran out of forms as well. 

"Especially knowing that someone from our side was on the top of the pallet running for governor, I think that increase the frustration and the support out here on the voter turnout there," Gates said. 

The Office of Elections sent a letter to Rep. Gates in response to the matter. Saying...

"We are sorry for the inconvenience experienced by voters who waited for forms... We will increase the amount of forms that are assigned and train our precinct officials to contact control center when they are running low on supplies."

Election officials say the site was given 150 forms. In past elections, Waianae has had one of the state's lowest voter turnout rates. 

"I think it's a wake up call. I think they thought because of the residents of this district having low voter turn out there or may have not been enough voter registration is here and moving forward it's important to not make assumptions but to make sure that we're prepared," Gates said. 

No word yet on how many potential voters opted out of waiting for those forms to arrive. 

This was the first election year polls in Hawaii offered same day voter registration. 

More than 2,000 first time voters registered during the primary.