HONOLULU - The fight for a Senate seat and the Governor's office is intensifying in Florida. 

The state is in the middle of recounting the votes from last week's midterm election because of razor thin margins.  

This week -- protests are expected to heat up in Florida. As the state continues the methodical recount of more than 8 million ballots -- concerns all 67 counties won't be able to get it done ahead of Thursday's deadline.

The recount triggered was by law over the weekend after the races for governor and senate were within a half a percentage point.

"With the election equipment that we have, the potential of conducting all of these is impossible, it is impossible," said Susan Bucher Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections.

By just 12,500 votes, Democratic incumbent Senator Bill Nelson is trailing his Republican opponent and current Governor Rick Scott who was on FOX News Sunday.    

The Democrat in the Governor's race, Andrew Gillum, has rescinded that concession.

Republican Ron Desantis is leading Gillum by 33,000 votes.