Boy Scouts from Hickam-based Troop 135 plan to participate in the Honolulu Marathon. Completing the trek around Oahu is the last step in their process of earning a hiking merit badge and a few steps more. 

"We're supposed to do a 20-miler, and this is 26. You know, go the extra mile. More like go the extra six miles," Alan Saucer, a boy scout, said. 

The troops have to complete a total of six hikes in order to receive that merit badge. Each hike progressively longer than the last. So far, they're almost halfway.

"We did a five-mile which was kind of rough but we're trying to get in shape. Then we did 10-miles. Coming up we're gonna do a 15 to get ready to do 26," Saucer said.

Eight troops plus some parents plan to walk the course. Assistant Scout Master Marcus Snyder says it's new experience for all of them.

"All of the boys, it's definitely all of their first time," Snyder said. 

Most of the troops come from military families. Some have only lived in Hawaii for a couple of years. 

"Most of us come and go and so, it's a nice way to kind of join the local community, and you have boys with common interests and that kind of stuff so it helps that adjustment when boys move and stuff," Snyder said. 

For 15-year-old Saucer, the marathon means more than just a medal and a merit.

"If I can get more badges then I can become eagle. That's one of my dreams for the future," he said. 

For these young boys, being a part of the scouts and the marathon means a test of teamwork and endurance while making sure to have some fun along the way.

"I'm looking forward to walking as a group, to show our boy scout spirit and our patrol spirit," Saucer said. 

Their goal is to finish in 24-hours.