He's a Grammy award winning, record selling entertainment king that has dominated music charts for years. But for many of Bruno Mars' fans in Hawaii, his days on stage captivated fans long before he even mastered his ABCs. 

His father says the aspiring entertainer started performing at the age of 2. His dance moves in Waikiki showrooms eventually launched him onto a national stage. 

Mars' hunger and dedication on stage never burned out. His talent was well known at his Alma mater, Roosevelt High School. 

Even attracting attention from school faculty. Cary Kano was his PE teacher, he recalls his humble heart. 

"So much pride. Proud he was just such a nice person to begin with so I'm very happy for him because of the way he was in high school treating people with respect, always trying to get people involved and couldn't happen to a better person," Kano said. 

After Mars left Hawaii, fame didn't arrive immediately but when it did, it hit big! 

For many who knew him before reeling in world wide success, they carry nothing more than pure pride.   

"Just keep it up, we are proud of you. Roughrider country all the way and you won't beat me in basketball yet," Kano said. 

His teacher recalling a big game at Roosevelt where Mars' team couldn't out win their teachers. 

He may not be a master of hoops but is certainly a master of pop with the fans to prove it...

Local boy, local roots, returning home to Hawaii.