For most of election night -- Mike Victorino held onto the lead. And then, the third print out.

"I've gone from cautious optimism to optimism," said Mayor-elect Mike Victorino.

Even without one Maui precinct reporting, Victorino claimed victory. And by the end of the night -- he won by roughly 5 thousand votes -- becoming Maui's new mayor. He replaces Alan Arakawa, who supported him through the race. 

But his opponent, Elle Cochran -- was tough. 

"Unfortunately at times I wasn't happy with items that people on that side said. You saw them on social media and other places. However, when all's said and done we've got to move on," said Victorino. 

Cochran -- reflecting on her campaign, said they did accomplish one major thing -- encouraging new voters.

 "Everyone can just revel in the fact that we worked so hard, and we've got a lot of faith and trust and confidence in this community to cast that vote. And I really think we've gotten a lot of new, new voters," said Cochran.

In transitioning to his new position as Mayor, Victorino will also face a new county council, with several new faces.

Along with supporters both two and four-legged -- he rides the wave of optimism into his new job.

Surrounded by family and supporters Tuesday night, Mike Victorino says hes going to jump head first into his run as Mayor of Maui County. Tackling issues such as homelessness and housing right away.