Andria Tupola's election night event, changed from a hopeful gathering for her gubernatorial campaign, into a celebration of what she and her supporters accomplished this election season.

The mood was festive, even after the printouts showed Ige with twice the number of votes. In addition to dancing for hundreds of supporters, Tupola told those gathered she was proud they mobilized younger voters and reached so many residents with their grassroots efforts. She also challenged them to stay committed to changing Hawaii for the better, which includes changing the state's leadership in future elections.
Andria Tupola said, "I want to feel what the future will be like to have leaders that would help our people to thrive. I just want to help our people thrive, not just survive. We shouldn't be going day to day.  We should be thriving in this land, in this state, in this culture."

She told the crowd she was called to run for governor and didn't rule out running again. Telling them she would do whatever she could, whether it is as someone who leads, inspires or empowers. Tupola didn't mention what was next politically for her, but this year she expects to earn her doctorate in music education from the University of Hawaii.  

Music ended the night for this republican challenger, singing Hawaii Aloha hand and hand with her supporters, with a smile over her campaign.