WAIKIKI - Halekulani is pleased to present six acclaimed Hawaii artists in its Halekulani Gallery at the resort. The hotel says it picked the artists for their pedigree; they most recently exhibited in the 2018 Portfolio by the Friends of Hawaii State Art Museum (FHiSAM). 

Artists Ashley Bickerton, Kaili Chun, Yvonne Cheng, Paul Pfeiffer, Garnett Puett, and Lawrence Seward created works especially for this event. Each of these artists has ties to Hawaii.

Bickerton is a member of the NeoGeo (neo-geometric conceptualism), a group of artists that questioned the mechanization and commercialism of the modern world in the 1980s. His work is featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art and London’s Tate Modern.

Chun explores the interconnectedness of our worlds and the appreciation of the universe where we “fish.”  Her works have been featured in the New York’s Museum of Art and Design and The Honolulu Museum of Art – Spalding House.

Cheng’s work evolved through various mediums consistently portraying elegant and confident Hawaiian women. Her works can be seen in the Hawaii State Art Museum and throughout Hawaii.

Pfeiffer recasts the contemporary celebrity culture in Sports and Entertainment to show how these images shape our perception of ourselves and the world.  His works are part of New York MoMa’s permanent collection.

Puett’s reciprocal collaboration with honeybees is unique – employing 90,000 bees to build his apisculptures.  In addition to being an artist, he is a beekeeper on the Big Island. His works can be seen at the DC Hirschhorn Museum and the Brooklyn Art Museum.

Seward bases his series on human psychology and the choices one makes in life. His work can be seen at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and the Honolulu Museum of Art.

For more information, call Halekulani at (808) 923-2311 or visit www.halekulani.com.