Incumbent representative Bob McDermott representing the republican party and on the democrat side, Rose Martinez joined Good Morning Hawaii.    

State Representatives for District 40 were asked these questions - 

1.    Bob McDermott - As one of the few republicans in the senate, you're often the counterpoint for the democratic agenda...How have you embraced this role?

2.    Rose Martinez - You've criticized McDermot's style...How would you conduct yourself differently?

3.    What do you see as the most pressing issues that you need to address in Ewa?

5.    Rose Martinez - You've taken controversial stances on the gay marriage, and on the school district's pono choices curriculum... where do you stand on these issues? 

6.    There's been a lot of talk about lottery, legalizing recreational marijuana, as ways to bring in state revenue… how do you feel about that?

See attached video for the representatives responses.