Last night, KITV4 hosted the gubernatorial debate between incumbent Governor David Ige and Andria Tupola.
They spoke in dozens of issues ranging from affordable housing to homeless, to the false missile threat and even President Trump.

We asked if Andria Tupola is ready to be governor.

Ige said, "this responsibility is huge and it definitely requires a lot of learning I do believe that I do have the experience and as the four years has shown and able to serve as chief executive officer and I don't believe that anyone can walk into the job without prior knowledge and experience."
Tupola responded, "I think that my experience as a mother as a community member as a four-year sitting legislator that served on eight committees Finance Human Services Health labor Transportation Public Safety higher education education has led me to leave policy discussions on issues and what are State desperately needs right now is less career politicians more common sense and of course more collaborative Solutions because we cannot solve the systemic issues in our state with the same mindset that they were created."

After asking both to grade Governor Ige's performance in office. Tupola, a former teacher, gave him somewhere between a C and D. Governor Ige gave himself a B.

Later in the debate, we asked, should the lottery make its way to Hawaii, A 74-billion-dollar industry. With 17-billion-dollars going to taxes, most go to fund public education. Hawaii is just one of five states without a lottery. The question, why not have one here.

Tupola answered, "there's so many things throughout the state that I think could generate the income we need in as Governor I'm going to be committed to more efficiency in that and then we can talk about you programs my concern is putting new programs on and having more things fail we need to fix the things that we have already."
Ige said, "I oppose a lottery I don't believe that the benefits of a lottery the revenue that we would generate would be worth the cost the increase crime having to deal with those who can least afford it tends to participate more frequently than others."

According to the latest poll from our partners at civil beat, Ige has dominated Tupola in polling, leading by 21% earlier this month. Stay with KITV4 Island News for everything on the November elections, which is next week Tuesday, November 6th.