Disgruntled hotel employees have been on strike for nearly three weeks as negotiations continue between owners of Kyo-Ya and Marriott hotels and the hotel workers union. 
Now, both sides are talking. Discussions lasted late Saturday night at Dole Cannery.
Union representatives in attendance represent the 2,700 Servers, house keepers and other employees of 5 different Hawaii based Kyo-Ya, Marriott owned hotels. They want better wages, job security and more. 
Workers walked into the meeting wearing the “One job should be brought” shirt, which is one of protesters main messages.
Unite Here Local 5 said its members have worked hard to begin a productive discussion.
They released this statement saying: 
                "We took a step forward tonight. There is a significant distance remaining, but we know that we're walking with a strong community of workers and allies.  Our strike will continue until further notice. Our picket lines remain strong. We will be conducting joint negotiations with other union affiliates next week."
Another meeting is scheduled for Sunday in Ala Moana.