The Federal Transit Administration is not budging on its deadline for the City and County of Honolulu to fund the rail project.

The FTA declared Wednesday that the City must come up with 44 million dollars by November 20th or risk losing some or all of its federal funding. 

According to City Council Chair Ernie Martin, legislation regarding the transfer of general funds will be introduced to help meet that deadline.

Essentially, it will allow the project to continue until full financing is approved. 

"Put aside whatever political differences or negative feelings that certain council members have towards the administration. Let's do what's right and in the public's interest to make this rail project a reality. Let's provide the funding that the FTA's requiring," Honolulu City Council's Ron Menor said. 

According to Mayor Kirk Caldwell, the City will look at short term financing options that are legal, transparent, and pose no financial risk to the City.

The matter will be taken up at a Council meeting on October 30th.