There's a new billionaire. At least one winning mega-millions ticket was sold in the largest lottery jackpot in history.
ABC's Kenneth Moton reported:

WASHINGTON - After weeks of excitement, long lines to buy tickets and record breaking lottery jackpots, someone is waking up a new billionaire.
With a historic 1.6 billion dollars up for grabs - at least one winning mega millions jackpot ticket - sold in somewhere in South Carolina.
The mega*millions - ballooned to mega-billions last week breaking a world record. The jackpot just got bigger and bigger with no winner since July. The jackpot and the unprecedented cash payout of 904 million dollars had lotto fever spreading across the us.

Mega millions player Edgardo Rivera said he'd go crazy with the whole thing and wouldn't know what to do with it.

In Arkansas people from Mississippi crossed the border to line up.
Mega millions player Richard Echols said, "if I win I'm going to buy a school".

The new billionaire could also buy the buffalo bills or 1.6 million iPhone x's. The winner may want to relax a $30,000 a night Four Seasons hotel suite in New York or buy a few new Bugattis, 2 million a piece.

But remember this warning from a financial expert - if you are the winner -

Ann-Margaret Carrozza said, "your first call shouldn't be mom, it shouldn't be your best friend, call a lawyer!"

Mega millions confirmed early this morning there is only one winning jackpot ticket. Lotto fever is not over tonight's Powerball jackpot is up to 620 million dollars.