Building industry professionals, business owners and homeowners rallied outside Honolulu Hale Thursday morning, calling for immediate improvements in the city's permitting process for residential builders.  

They claim severe delays in issuing permits from the Department of Planning & Permitting resulting in an island-wide crisis, which is affecting jobs and families waiting for home improvements.

Some say it takes nine months to a year to issue a standard residential permit. 

"For us that's too long. We are asking for permits to be done in 60 days which again in 60 days is still one of the highest in the nation," Marshall Hickox, Building Industry Association Hawaii, said.  

"This isn't just about a permit. This is about making sure that you can survive and have income for your families," Kymberly Pine, Honolulu City Council chair, committee on zoning and housing, said.  

The group is pushing for Bill 64 to advance through the City Council.

It provides for a 60 day processing time in issuing building permits for one and two family dwellings.