HONOLULU - The Honolulu Medical Examiner identified the man who died after being hit along the Pali Highway as Raymond Endow.

The 83-year-old was struck by a car while in a marked crosswalk in Nuuanu Wednesday afternoon.

Neighbors say he was an advocate for pedestrian safety often wearing a fluorescent vest while crossing the street.

According to Nuuanu residents, they say the stretch of Pali Highway near Wood Street is risky to cross for pedestrians. Some days it’s because of speed.
But on Wednesday afternoon, Lieutenant James Slayter with the Honolulu Police Department says it was because line of sight.

"Vehicles were on-coming, the first two lanes were slowing down,” says Lt. Slayter, but the third vehicle stopped too late.

“He was unable to stop in time. And the other issue is, the pedestrian, from witness statements - he had stepped out in front of the car, and then kind of jumped back. And then when the vehicle swerved, it was in the same direction.”

Although Honolulu police have not identified the 83-year-old-man who was hit inside the crosswalk – neighbors believe they know who it is, and they know him well.

“He's the very one that told me, “Paula I gottah wear a vest,”” said Paula Kurashige of the Nuuanu Neighborhood Board. “He walks up, and down all the time with that vest."

A vest Kurashige says makes him hard to miss.

“I'm devastated! This is devastating!”

Kurashige says for decades her group has pushed for improvements along the area. “We have asked! We have asked for a light over here, or for something to go over.”

The Department of Transportation understands the priority of pedestrian safety, working to address concerns in their two phase Pali project, saying in a statement, “We will consult with the community as the design for these improvements takes shape, and are looking at other options to protect crosswalks statewide such as gateway in-street sign treatments, and rapid rectangular flashing beacons at appropriate crosswalks.”

For those Nu’uanu residents, it’s an initiative they say needs attention now.

“Even when I’m driving, and I stop for pedestrians, I still see drivers next to me go straight through the cross-walk,” said Melissa Lau, “even when there’s a pedestrian clearly waiting to cross.”

The death toll for pedestrians killed on Hawaii's roads so far this year is now at 34.

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