HONOLULU - It is now election season, and as our candidates gear up for the race, KITV4's Lindsey Fukano sat down with Hawaii's First Congressional District nominees, Ed Case and Cam Cavasso. 

She grilled them about hot political topics, such as the sexual misconduct claims surrounding Brett Kavanaugh and the criticism of how such claims have been handled in congress, and how they think congress should handle these claims.

It turns out Cam Cavasso can relate to the claims against Kavanaugh.

"When I was in college, I was accused of rape and it was a mistake on her part, and what I tweeted was 'innocent until proven guilty.'" 

Lindsey followed up by asking how congress should handle the misconduct claims.

"Congress has to have a very strong oversight in its own members. Obviously there has to be a strong watchdog to judge and evaluate these claims. People that make these claims need to be taken seriously, and congress has to get to the bottom of the facts," said Cavasso.

On Monday, Lieutenant Governor candidates Josh Green and Marissa Kerns will be on Good Morning Hawaii's Meet the Candidates segment.