HONOLULU - Hundreds are gathering in Waikiki for the 17th Annual Native Hawaiian Convention.

The three day convention focuses on a wide array of issues impacting native Hawaiians -- everything from, politics, health, education and arts, culture and fashion.

KITV4's Mackenzie Stasko spoke with Kini Zamora, star of Fashion Runway and Native Hawaiian designer.

Q: Kini, you are one of many designers that have changed the face of Hawaiian fashion to the world and letting people know it's more than aloha shirts and dresses. 

A: "Yes, I'm so excited to be part of this convention and having the fashion segment. It think it's in everyone's lives and I think everyone needs to see it as more approachable. I think within the past 5-10 years, it changed the look of Hawaii and what people think of Hawaii. That's what we want to do, is make it more creative and have people see us as creative and show, look at what we can do."

Q: You are hosting the first fashion show as part of the convention. What will you be showing off? 

A: "I partnered with Hawaii's Finest and Anu Hawaii Swimwear. That shows the different aspects of Hawaii and the different levels of fashion design here. We have Anu Hawaii, which is swimwear. She's a young and up-and-coming designer. I've been nurturing her from a young age, and she's been doing amazing things. Hawaii's Finest is the epitome of fashion in Hawaii, and I feel they're something local people look up to. My collection is more avant garde, more thinking outside of the box. So it really gives the three different divisions of fashion."

The Native Hawaiian Convention runs through Wednesday at the Prince Waikiki. Kini's fashion show begins Monday night at 6 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door.