Makiki, HAWAII - Exercise does a body good. But if you don't drive or have a hard time walking, getting to a gym might be difficult. That's why a mobile gym service that specializes in exercises for seniors is gaining popularity. GYMGUYZ Urban Honolulu's goal is to keep people aging well.

Retired Iolani chaplain Tom Yoshida stays healthy with a home visit from a personal trainer. "Just to keep fit. Keep your mind alert. Or else you drift all over the place," he says of his relatively new fitness habit.

Twice a week, mobile fitness service GYMGUYZ Urban Honolulu literally keeps this 82-year-old on his toes. "You learn to focus on different things as you're exercising. You have to use your brains otherwise it becomes like tofu, yeah? Soft kine, not the firm one," laughs Yoshida.

GYMGUYZ Urban Honolulu is popular with seniors like Yoshida. Debbie Morikawa, owner of the Urban Honolulu franchise of GYMGUYZ, explains, "We come to the home, make it easy for them. Sometimes people have a hard time motivating themselves to do exercises on their own. We can be there to encourage them."

"Good, keep looking straight ahead," encourages personal trainer Andy Takamura, while putting Yoshida through his paces. Morikawa watches on and says her trainers can focus on exercises just for older folks. 

"We show them the right way to do things and the kinds of exercises that will strengthen their legs, their core, improve balance, and make sure they can stay independent in all their daily activities," she adds. 

Social interaction is a side benefit. "Many times the family sees a difference, not only physically but socially. It's that interaction, engagement. That mind-body connection produces a lot of positive effects on the whole body," comments Morikawa.

Yoshida agrees. "To have people around you who are supportive encourages you to do even more." He says he now has no excuse not to work out regularly- and he's happy about that.