A 99-year-old WWII veteran is on a mission. Sidney Walton is on what he calls a one-of-a-kind "No Regrets Tour," visiting every state's capital for at least a week.

"Our whole trip is a series of one ways," Walton's son, Paul said. 

For decades, the war survivor says he's lived with the regret of not meeting some of last remaining Civil War veterans when he had the chance to --  before he enlisted in the Army in 1941. 

"I never met them," Walton said. 

"And you whole life you regretted that?" his son asked. 

Yes," Walton replied. 

Now, he's in Hawaii making up for it. 

Walton's goal: To meet every governor in every state, as part of his year-long tour. He can now cross Hawaii off his list, since on Friday, he had the chance to meet with Governor David Ige. 

"Now we've just got 36 more to go," Paul told his dad. "You going to do it?"

"Yup.. I'm gonna do it," Walton said.

Most importantly, Walton and his son Paul say they've made it their mission while on tour to give as many people as possible the chance to meet and talk with a WWII Veteran-- while they can.

"You're part of what they call the greatest generation.  There are few of you out there and you're willing to meet with everyone that wants to see you and talk to you?" Paul said to his father.

"That's the message," Walton replied.

You don't want anyone to to live with regrets?," Paul questioned.

"Right," Walton answered.

Hawaii is Walton's 14th stop on his journey. He hopes to end his tour next February, by celebrating his 100th birthday at the White House. 

If you want to track and donate to help Walton complete his cross-country quest, a link is posted to the "As Seen on Section."