HONOLULU - It's called the 6th Annual Hawaii Curling Club Charity Classic. Thursday 20 teams will compete and raise money for Kahuiki Village at the Ice Palace. They'll be taught by Tyler, from the USA Men's Curling Team and who also won a gold medal in Korea.

What's it like for you to be here teaching curling?

"It's an amazing experience. Any reason to come to Hawaii is great. But as curlers, we usually go to cold climates. It's what we've been doing for the past 6-7 months since we won; teaching the game to people, spreading the word, a lot of people saw it for the first time in the Olympics. Doing something like this in Hawaii for a great cause is a lot of fun."

If you've never seen curling before -- we have a broom and a rock, how does this all work?

"Terry is going to use broom for balance when she's shooting. It's used for sweeping when someone else is shooting and balance for sliding out; what we call a delivery which is like a gold swing. So she's gonna get the rock moving to get it started, then bring her hips up and back for weight transfer. Then she's gonna slide out; she has Teflon on the bottom of her left shoe, which is what makes her slide. Then sticky rubber on her right shoe so she can push on the blocks like a sprinter. The idea is to get the stone all the way to the other end close to the target or bullseye."

How do you think everyone is going to do Thursday?

"If they're staying upright and having a good time, that's all we care about. But it's always fun to see how quickly people take to the game. It's kind of addictive; once you get out, you want to come back as soon as possible."

The USA Olympian teaches curling Thursday at the Ice Palace Hawaii. This year's fundraiser is sold out.