Its been nearly 50 years since O'ahu's original sporting stadium stood on the corner of King and Isenberg streets.

Built in 1926, the wooden stadium hosted everything from football games to hula festivals. 

"Great sense of nostalgia here talking to community members from all over," Tim Streitz Chair of the Mo'il'ili Neighborhood Board said.

It was eventually converted to a park in the mid 1970's, but according to Streitz these days growing homeless encampments have kept residents out.

"The few park users that were still trying to use it were not feeling as comfortable anymore. We just have this downward spiral," Streitz said.

Efforts to clean up the park have forced the City to keep it closed until at least next month, but Streitz says an even bigger initiative is on the horizon. 

HMSA's Blue Zone project has partnered with the community to build a master plan to give the park a major facelift.

The health and wellness program's goal is to lure park users back. 

"Looking at ways to get people back in the park through physical activity three yoga classes getting some biking groups to meet here and build connections through the park," Blue Zones Project's Colby Takeda said. 

Community members from Mo'ili'ili, Manoa, Makiki and McCully met to discuss a new vision for the park.  

"Looking at a path that connects the old park together. Pickle balls have been a really big interest with the older adult community," Takeda said.

"Also looking at things like a dog park and urban orchard so people can get access to fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis," Takeda said.

City council members are in the process of drafting a resolution in the hope of establishing funding. 

As for tackling homeless concerns, residents plan to work alongside Honolulu Police to launch a park watch group.