The proposed constitutional amendment involving property tax was the subject of a forum on the big island Thursday night.

The ballot question read:

"Shall the legislature be authorized to establish, as provided by law, a surcharge on investment real property to be used to support public education?"

A panel discussed the pros and cons of the amendment, right now the Hawaii constitution gives sole authority to collect property taxes to the counties.

"Everyone says we agree, we need to fix education, but we never talk about how we're going to solve it. And it's easy to shoot down ideas, but no one is bringing up ideas about what to do to solve it. So we have been pushing this," President of the Hawaii State Teachers Association Corey Rosenlee said.

"As voters we think this is additional money that will get to the teachers and kids because that's what we hear. But there is confirmation from Senators that there's no guarantee this is going to happen," Administrator for Hawaii County Real Property Tax Division Lisa Miura said.

The four counties recently petitioned the circuit court to invalidate the proposed amendment on the ballot for the November general election saying it was "unclear and misleading" but were denied.

They are currently appealing the court's decision.

The amendment will be the subject of a town meeting at Waimea elementary school on Thursday.