The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation's aiming to get more people on board to support the design for their rail stations. Wednesday, HART officials revealed the plan for the stop at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport during a public meeting at the Moanalua High School's Cafeteria.

The proposed location will be positioned between two parking garages -- the international and overseas garages -- right in front of Terminal 2.  The facility will have 5 elevators but no escalators.

"The elevators do seem to go down a lot," said Salt Lake resident, Jo Ann Schindler. "If there were not more than one people who are in wheelchairs would not be able to."

Others in attendance at Wednesday's meeting expressed concern over lugging bags up and down stairs or the distance from track to terminal.

"Why are we connecting the garages to the rail system?" asked another attendee.

Architect Tim Man explained HART not only looked at Hawaii Department of Transportation rules about the placement of the rail line, it also looked at feedback given after the first draft for the airport station was revealed four years ago and made tweaks.

The new design places the rail stop in between the two parking garages where rail passengers will have safe access to the airport terminals and lei stands at the ground level or access through the parking garage.

HART expects this stop to be used more by airport employees than by visitors. Roughly 4 thousand people daily.

Like HART's other 20 stops, the airport location takes inspiration from a significant piece of Hawaiian culture and history.

"Really the inspiration is Hokulea, the sailing, voyaging canoe," said Lisa Yoshihara, HART's Art's in Transit Coordinator.

There were also questions at the meeting regarding bag safety while riding the rails. HART officials say each train WILL have luggage racks for passengers to store their bags as they head to the airport or other locations or you can always opt to keep your bag by your side.

There is another design workshop for the Middle Street Station Thursday night at the Kalihi Kai Elementary School's cafeteria.