Besides the benefits of improved joint mobility, cardiovascular health and low impact exercise Tesia jumped on a Biki to talk bike-sharing with Justine Espiritu.

Biki has partnered with AARP Hawaii for Biki Social Rides. Bikeshare Hawaii is able to offer fun, free and healthy Biki Social Rides for people 50 and older. Biki Social Rides provide seniors an opportunity to ride with their peers, get hands-on tutorial on how bikeshare works in Honolulu. Biki has been offering them since early September, and they have become so popular that they are now full.

But those who are still interested can participate in a Biki Social Rides Workshop on Thursday, October 18 from 5 to 7 p.m. at McCoy Pavilion. The workshop will include a presentation on how some of Hawaii's older adults have incorporated Biki into their lifestyle to stay active, hands-on tutorials with the bike and the Biki system, and they will walk people through the registration process and be giving away some free memberships.

Biki be sharing in the presentation portion of the event how bikeshare contributes to age-friendly city initiatives, aging-in-place, and how Biki is accessible, affordable, fun, healthy and easy to navigate for the older adults ages 50 plus. Hawaii Bicycling League and Blue Zones Hawaii will be talking about opportunities they host that also help older adults get comfortable on a bike or stay active and healthy in general. The workshop portion of the event, after attendees get a feel for the bike and system, includes sharing current barriers to bikeshare and ideas for Bikeshare Hawaii to keep in mind about Biki and this community.

This event is for Hawaii residents 50 and over and the organizations that serve them that are curious about bikeshare, as well as for current Biki members that want to share ideas with Bikeshare Hawaii.  

To register, they can simply go to Eventbrite