The group of Hawaii Island residents standing post at the entrance to Mauna Kea Access Road are on the verge of being kicked out.

The Beneficiary Trust Council Kanaka Rangers spoke at a community meeting in Keaukaha Monday night where they stated that the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands sent them a letter demanding the removal of "Aloha Safety Checkpoint" immediately.

It was built on Prince Kuhio Day in March as part of a community-led program intended to better manage Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

"DHHL is calling me illegal for taking down numbers of all the tourists that's going up there taking doodoo making shishi and nothing being cleaned but I'm illegal because I count the numbers and everybody making money off Mauna Kea except Hawaiians," 

State Senator Kahele said he was surprised to see the structure was taken down a few days ago, it's since been rebuilt.

Senator Kahele wants to find out whether the law allows for the structure's removal.

The meeting was organized by Senator Kahele and County Councilwoman Sue Lee Loy.