The Board of Water Supply may own the Nu'uanu Dam but Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural resources regulates it. 

The dam is one of 130 statewide the DLNR checks on.

DLNR Dam Safety Program officials say they do regular inspections of all their dams and recently removed water from this location by siphoning it out and using a pump.

DLNR urges dam owners to monitor their reservoir water levels and report any concerns to the department. They add there was never a risk of dam failure in Nu'uanu and say precautionary measures are for public safety.

"What we want people to realize that they are in what we consider maybe a dam evacuation area and so to clarify the dam evacuation area that was provided by the board of water it is an area that they would evacuate people out of and not necessarily where water is going to hit. but its based on key strategic roadways and stoplights and areas that police and fire would want to close off," Denise Manuel, DLNR Dam Safety Program, said.

DLNR adds that if there is overflow and a need for an evacuation, the call would come from the Honolulu City Department of Emergency Management.