Vader and Vita are in Hawaii. Noah, Lilah and Lilly are on the east coast. They are the four legged teams members from the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

They train at its new National Training Center off Wheeler Canyon in Santa Paula -- a center that sustained some damage during the Thomas Fire.

"Here at the Search Dog Foundation's National Training Center we are training dogs like Sonny here, who is currently in training for a career in disaster search where he will go on to join the ranks of those currently deployed to both the East Coast and Hawaii for hurricanes Florence and Olivia," said Denise Sanders of the Search Dog Foundation.

Lilly who is paired with Steve MacDonald came from the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter. This is their fourth deployment.

Sanders went on to say, "Many of the dogs are shelter dogs and we absolutely love transforming them from rescue to rescuer. So we ate looking forward to seeing the great work that those teams are bound to do now that they are in place to assist local authorities as needed."

They are trained to find survivors and their effort is funded by donations. Supporters can join the bark force and donate to help the nonprofit find and train the next generation of search dogs.