Maggie Rulli, ABC News NY - The gas lines are getting long and the highways are backed up for miles as more than a million people are under mandatory evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Florence.

According to North Carolina governor Roy Cooper the storm is strong and getting stronger.              

NASA shows the massive storm from above. It's eye, now well defined is swirling across the Atlantic picking up speed and gaining strength as it takes aim at the Southeast.

It's already a Category four with sustained wind speeds topping 140 miles per hour.

Stores are running out or completely out of flash lights, gas cans, and water. Even the life vests are gone.

More than a million people from eight counties are being forced to leave starting Tuesday afternoon in South Carolina.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster says it will be inconvenient but worth it to not put anyone at risk.

The Navy is sending two aircraft carriers out to sea hoping to ride out the storm in Virginia.