SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - Soldiers in the 27th Infantry Regiment held a three-mile "remembrance run" in honor of a woman special to their history: Yuko O’Reilly, the honorary mother of the “Wolfhounds." 

The 27th Infantry Regiment is nicknamed "The Wolfhounds." The soldiers on Friday held a remembrance ceremony at Schofield Barracks Main Post Chapel and run around Schofield Barracks honoring O'Reilly, who died on August 23.

Yuko's husband, Master Sgt. Hugh O'Reilly, started relationship with a Japan orphanage decades ago. Master Sgt. O’Reilly, formerly an honorary regimental sergeant major of the Wolfhounds, was stationed in Japan with 1st Battalion, 27th Inf. Regt., in 1949, when he came upon Holy Family Home, an orphanage in Osaka, Japan.

After seeing the poor conditions the Japanese children were living in , O’Reilly motivated his fellow Wolfhounds to donate funds to the impoverished orphanage after an impromptu Christmas visit. Donating over $10,400 (nearly $90,000 in today’s value), the Regiment began a long-standing tradition that endures to this day. The story was popularized in the Hollywood movie Three Stripes in the Sun (1955).

Even after Master Sgt. O’Reilly, wife Yuko maintained Wolfhound ties with Holy Family Home. It's a relationship that continues to this day.