Football fans will be flocking to Aloha Stadium these next two nights with the Kahuku-St Louis game tonight and the University of Hawaii trying to keep an undefeated season alive.   That takes game-planning for coaches, fans. and vendors! Some vendors are doubling up on food and drinks to keep fans happy. 

"I think its the excitement. We're winning this season so everyone likes to grab their food, drinks and sit down and watch a good game," said Samantha Spain, Sales and  Marketing Specialist for Aloha Stadium

Last weekend, some "hangry" fans complained about long lines and a shortage of food. And the popular steak plate completely sold out.

Samantha Spain says the stadium is tackling any food concerns in advance.

"Well we're really going to double up of course on the hot dogs, our fries, drinks, we do expect large crowds again. Lines may be a little bit long but we're taking care of all of that," said Spain.

She says there will be non profit volunteer groups working the concessions so that means more staff on hand to serve up those hot dogs and drinks.  And they'll be adding a new Chicago style warrior dog to tomorrow's menu,  something they didn't have last week.