Temple University and the Wisconsin HOPE lab find nearly 40% of college students don't get enough to eat.

UH student Joshua Kim often finds himself choosing his studies over food.  Not because he isn't hungry, but simply because he can't afford it.
Food insecurity is something he says many students struggle with on a daily basis.

"There are even members of student government who do go without eating lunch because they can't afford it. Explained Joshua Kim, Chairperson of the Student Affairs Committee for ASUH. Yeah...It's a significant problem."

Between the costs of textbooks, housing, and general finances, Kim says food is first to take the backburner. 


"When we have to go to a university to get decently paying jobs to just live, I think the thought of affording food should be the last thing on our minds." Said Kim.
A part of the reason why The Associated Students of University of Hawaii is opening a food vault on campus.

Kim says the pantry will be open to anyone with a registered student ID, and that the amount each student can take depends on how much inventory there is.

Students are taking donations of canned goods, and non-perishable items, as well as toiletries like individually wrapped toilet paper, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners, and soaps at the Student Life and Development office.
The pantry is set to open later this month.

"There was a survey done by Doctor Dobbs that showed that a significant amount of the population did have a need for a food pantry.  So, they were significantly food insecure." Said Kim.

"There are a number of things that are hurdles to higher education. One of them is financial, and hunger.
Explained UH spokesperson Dan Meisenzahl. So, to be able to help their students like this and to come up with this idea and now we're in a room full of supplies and food, all the credit to the students."

Having the access to quality food does help with academic performance.  In turn they can use that and return that energy to the community later on." Said Kim.

For a full list of donation items, click here.