From now until November, you’ll find orange tape closing off three Honolulu parks in the Mo'ili'ili area. 

City crews say they’ll be giving Mo'ili'ili Community Park, The Old Stadium Park, and Crane Park a face-lift over the next two months.

Kamil Ramadan and his friends go to school in Kaimuki they pass Crane Park all the time.

"The bathrooms need some work because the toilets there are very dirty, and the playground needs some work so the kids can come and play safely at the playground and there's lots of trash and drug related trash definitely needs clean- up," Ramadan said. 

That, tagged with a long list of aesthetic fix-ups like tree trimming and bench maintenance are part of the things the city plans to check-off. 

But what crews are doing is more than remodeling, they're outreaching as prep work for fertilizing and herbicide application temporarily pushed out homeless who lived in the parks.

With all the improvements, the city says it’ll take some time before people can enjoy these places again.