Dayna Bacchus, ABC News Los Angeles - Tropical storm Gordon bearing down on South Florida and Miami Beach, which is normally packed with tourists on Labor Day, empty.

Wind gusts in some areas were up to 50 miles per hour.

"The roads are really flooded, you have to drive super slow,"  driver Irene Willick said.

Gordon is now heading toward the Central Gulf Coast outside New Orleans, some residents not taking any chances, they're loading up on fuel.

"You don't take any of these storms lightly, even though it may not be a hurricane," resident Bruce Forest said.

The risk of a "life threatening" storm surge is possible in some areas as tropical storm and hurricane warnings stretch hundreds of miles, and weather is not just impacting the gulf coast.

Rain across the Midwest is halting Labor Day travel.

More than 900 flights in Chicago were delayed and nearly 300 were cancelled.

On the roads around O'hare airport, flooding forced people out of their cars with suitcases in tow.

A weekend of storms dropped nine inches of rain in Manhattan, Kansas.

"Just a little bit of panic to get all my belongings together because I didn't have enough time. Just took baby and dog and wallet and keys and that's it." 

More than 150 people were rescued, some with only minutes to get out of their homes. 

Louisiana's governor has issued a state of emergency ahead of any potential impact by tropical storm Gordon.

New Orleans has issued a voluntary evacuation order for areas outside of the levee system.