Some of the biggest breed of porcupine in the world live right here at the Honolulu Zoo.
Not exactly warm and fuzzy, but a pretty fascinating animal nonetheless.
Maleficent is one of two African Crested porcupines at the zoo. She’s known as “Grunt”.

She’s less than a year old, and also nocturnal, so you don’t get to see much of her during the day.
At night, Grunt’s looking for food, like potato, carrots, squash, and fruits like apples.
Pinky's 18, which is about 90 years old in human years.
Also part of her diet, insects, small vertebrates, and carrion to help sharpen her constantly growing teeth.
Pinky sheds her quills on the daily, which are replaced by new ones.  Some of them get up to 14 to 16 inches long.

Porcupines can get up to 60 pounds.  That's about the size of a large dog.
Threaten these large rodents? You better steer clear.  Their quills are for protection. They’re made out of what’s called keratin, which is the same thing as fingernails and hair.
When bothered, porcupines stomp their feet, rattle their quills, and throw it into reverse to try and stab their enemy.
”They’ll actually run backwards, into predators.  So, that way it’s basically a get away from me.”
The black and white coloring distracts the predator, and helps break up the silhouette.  When relaxed, their quills lie flat against their body.
Maleficent and Pinky are one out of over 30 types of porcupines around the world.