Price gouging during the hurricane warning.

About 30 people from Oahu, the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai filed complaints with the state that they paid too much. 

The state says the complaints were mostly about water, but also include batteries, generators and fuel.

It's looking into each one, and warns that the fines are stiff. If the state finds a store violated "deceptive trade practices," it could be fined $500 to $10,000 per transaction.

The Office of Consumer Protection's Stephen Levins says historically, Hawaii retailers have been fair. He talked about what happened in 1992 after Hurricane Iniki. 

"I was here when Iniki devastated Kauai. We sent investigators there to look into every price gouging complaint. None of them panned out," Stephen Levins, Office of Consumer Protection said. 
Those water complaints? Levins says there are premium brands of water that do cost a lot, about $30 bucks a case.

He says the cheaper brands sell out first, so those who get to the store late are left with buying the expensive brands. 

If you have a price gouging complaint you can file it with his office. Call 587-4272.