Life-style expert Valerie Joseph joins Lindsey Fukano with picnic party tips. Joseph said, 

You’ll be the Party Master of all soirees with these picnic tips, whether the sun is shining, or we’re blessed with a little rain sprinkles, a picnic is always a fun event.  Here’s a few tips that will sure to make you the Party Master of Picnics.   


(tools: white vinegar, water, spray bottle, measuring cup)

Pour equal parts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and shake to mix.  Spritz this natural repellent along patios, porches, and picnic tables.  It also makes for a great all-natural household cleaner too!


Be prepared and check your list twice.  If you’re out on a picnic, chances are you’re not able to leave to run to the store to grab supplies.  In addition to the menu you plan, here are some basic essentials to pack:

  •   Toilet paper

  •   Large trash bag

  •   Hand Sanitizer

  •   Travel Phone Charger

  •   Water

  •   Plates, utensils, napkins

  •   Champagne glasses (wrapped in socks)

Tip:  freeze grapes and drop in your champagne cup to keep your bubble chilled


Ladies this is one of the most important things to think about:  What shoe do I wear?  Well, thank goodness for these.  Grab yourself a soulmate and slide one of the heel protectors over your heel.  This will protect you from that heel grabbing grass preventing an unwanted limp in your stride.

Part two: How to dress up for an all-white party, and Diner en Blanc is just a few weeks away.

The color white has become so popular with more people using it as their theme from weddings to graduations to birthdays to picnics.  Honolulu’s most elegant picnic is a few weeks away, Le Diner en Blanc.  It’s an outdoor group picnic with a dress code that calls for style and elegance in an all-white hue.

Since guests don’t know where their party destination is, what they can focus on is their outfit.  Let’s take a look at some ideas to spark some creativity.

ADD A LOT OF SPARKLE (model, Becca) - Speaking of spark.  Nothing speaks elegance more than bling.  Don’t be afraid of wearing that fancy embellished piece.  Le Diner en Blanc is one event where guests are known to dress to the nines.  We’ve added a white wig on Becca for a complete head to toe chic look.  

LACE IT UP (model, Sarah)- Elements that help create an elegant ensemble are feminine fabrics of sheer and lace.  With details this strong, keep your hair pulled back or up.  We’ve wrapped a floral piece around her top knot and kept makeup simple with a bright red lip.

Men too - (Model, Kenji) Let’s talk about the guys because this is an affair where lots of couples attend.  Guys, I know you’ll be tempted to wear your board shorts, but keep in mind Diner en Blanc is an elegant affair, please slip into white slacks or white jeans.  Speaking of accessories, we’ve pinned a white flower boutonniere to his suspenders for an elegant touch. 

(Model, Brandon) If you plan on bringing a jacket, be sure your undershirt is just as sharp when you peel it off as you hit the dance floor.  Remember, white or translucent jackets only and all white shoes too!

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