August 28, 10:30 a.m. 

The suspect wanted for stealing a police vehicle, which then turned into a manhunt through Waiahole Valley, has been caught.

Jaya Keahonui Titcomb, age 38, was wanted for Theft, DUI and Pro Dang Drug charges. He was arrested in Waiahole Valley.

He was taken into custody for a contempt warrant and has been transported to a hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Titcomb was in the court system since 2007 for petty crimes like DWOL, DUI, speeding, and more. Titcomb was scheduled to be in court Monday for a DUI and A&P, and was out on bond for burglary. 

Back in March of 2018, Titcomb burglarized a home in Kailua and stole a vehicle. In July, he plead guilty, where we could have faced five years in jail, plus a $10,000 fine. He now faces attempted murder, on top of other charges, after Monday's manhunt.


Honolulu Police spent Monday combing Waiahole valley looking for the suspect in the bold auto theft, which left the officer injured, and involved an island-wide chase BEFORE the manhunt began.

Police told Island News it all started at 6:15 Monday morning, when a caller reported a suspicious man in Kaimuki.
Responding officers detained the man sit on the side of the road while they investigated property in his car, believed to be from auto thefts.
But the 38 year old suspect, who was not handcuffed, told officers he had to go to the bathroom.

"The officers being compassionate, allowed him to get up. As soon as he got up, he dashed over to the officers car got in and drove off," said Honolulu Police Department Chief Susan Ballard.

The officer had left his dark blue Toyota 4Runner running. And not only was his SUV stolen... 

"The suspect then drove at one of the officers and hit the officer, who fired at the suspect as the vehicle fled."

The 24 year veteran of the force was injured in his chest, shoulder and knee, but fired off one shot at the suspect.

The suspect driving the stolen SUV had a run in with another vehicle as he raced around the island.

"On Beretania Street there was a commercial vehicle, the suspect drove up onto the sidewalk and collided with the commercial vehicle."

There was a brief car chase, but that was discontinued on the North Shore.

"Just to be on the safe side, officers were told to turn off their lights and just follow the car."

They followed the suspect to Waiahole, where he abandoned the SUV and fled on foot. 
HPD tells Island News, the man had run ins with the law before, with a a rap sheet that includes felonies and misdemeanors.
"He is a 38 year old male with brown hair and brown eyes, 6 feet tall weighing 165 pounds, wearing black t-shirt and black jeans. He may be injured in the left should area."

When the stolen police SUV was recovered, they found blood inside from the suspect.

Because of where the suspect fled, police put Waiahole Elementary on lock down, while teams from the Criminal Reduction Unit and k-9 teams searched the ground, and the police helicopter circled from above.

He will be charged with attempted murder, theft and for stealing the SUV. 
But until that happens, Chief Ballard warns windward Oahu residents to be on the lookout.

"Anyone who sees the individual or has information to his location, should call 9-1-1, do not approach him." 

The HPD officer who fired the shot and was hit by his own SUV, suffered injuries to his chest, shoulder and knee. The 24 year veteran of the force was taken to the hospital where he is recovering.