Makiki, HAWAII - One Honolulu neighborhood is opposed to the popular bikeshare program Biki adding more docking points.

Rideshare wants to add 160 additional Biki docking points in Makiki but because parking spots are few and far between, they're facing some challenges.

The Makiki Neighborhood Board passed a resolution last week that stated no parking stalls should be taken for Biki stations in Makiki, Biki had to get creative and come up with new proposals.

"We think the larger community will be happy with the compromise to bring in eleven Bikeshare stations which bring in 160 docking points for the compromise of using two parking spots," Justine Espiritu of Bikeshare Hawaii said.

Paul Klink, Vice Chairman of the Makiki, Lower Tantalus, and Lunalilo Neighborhood Board says the Board is very supportive of the Biki bike sharing system, but the lack of parking in Makiki causes problems for residents such as parking tickets and towing.

Island News asked Klink if he could agree with Bikeshare's proposed compromise of losing two parking spots but gaining 160 docking points and we haven't gotten an answer yet.  

This story will be updated.