International insurance giant, Lloyd's of London, slapped with another lava insurance lawsuit.

A third Leilani Estates resident is suing the company after losing her home and charter school to lava.

"Truly had a beautiful home, big high ceilings, nice garden, my three cats," Susie Osbourne, Leilani Estates home owner said. 

Osbourne is still reeling after losing her house on Mohala Street to lava. 

After one of the first fissures surfaced in her subdivision, all was lost. Still she hoped recovery was in reach, she kept up with her Lloyds of London home insurance policy.   

But the company informed her by phone it wouldn't cover her claim. 

"The whole situation is traumatic and difficult, then to find out that you're being denied coverage, that you've paid in good faith there's no words to describe," Osbourne said. 

The 62-year-old doesn't understand why an investigator was never sent on site to assess her claim. 

In the midst of it all, lava would also consume her Hawaiian charter school, Kua o Ka La. An institution that took her 20 years to complete. 

The charter's foundation is deeply rooted in traditional Hawaiian morals. Something Osbourne says she yearned for through her insurance battle. 

"My whole school and life is built up on integrity and values aligned values of being pono. And everything we try and teach our children is not what I just experienced," Osbourne said. 

Lloyd's covers the school, as well but that claim is still pending.

For now, Osbourne is living with friends. But her focus isn't on home, it's on rebuilding her charter. 

More than $60,000 in donations from rotary clubs here and beyond Hawaii's shores helped renovate a temporary campus in Hilo. 

"They are the future, they're our future and my field is education and I feel that that's where we can make the greatest impact," Osbourne said.