State Representative Matt LoPresti caught on camera. 

An Ewa Beach resident released video from his home security system, showing LoPresti apparently grabbing and hiding a flyer of another political candidate.

The home owner says Alicia Maluafiti placed that flyer on his front door earlier in the day. She's running against LoPresti for the State Senate seat representing District 19. 

"This guy walks up, you saw the video, pulls this thing out, slaps it into his binder and poof, slaps out his other one, and didn't miss a beat... He may be a good dude, I don't know, but all I know is my camera says your character is questionable," Ellis Harkins, Ewa Beach resident/homeowner said. 

The homeowner says he hasn't spoken to LoPresti but says he doesn't plan on pressing any charges. 

LoPresti responded on Facebook saying: